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solar panelsUSSolar Jamaica in Kingston Jamaica provides the finest American made solar energy products available for the harsh conditions of Florida, Jamaican and Caribbean Island Nation’s clients and dealers.

Living in hurricane prone regions known for high humidity and temperature means your solar system has to be designed to withstand these harsh clients because you deserve only the finest materials and equipment that has been proven in our tropical environments. USSolar Jamaica solar kits will be there for you when the big winds come and every day in between.

USSolar knows what it takes to build long lasting solar panel systems in hurricane zones; as well as, how dependent one can be on their suppliers. We sell panels by the piece, pallet, container or Jamaica solar kits at the best possible price in the entire Caribbean basin for equal quality. Further our packaged systems are the best kept secret in the Tropics. These Jamaica solar kits provide everything one needs to install a professional grade system.

If you need the professional staff of US Department of Education Accredited and Degreed Electronics, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers we stand prepared to deliver professionally engineered solutions for any system big or small.


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If you want off grid solar power when the big winds come and long after they pass call USSolar and talk to a knowledgeable PV system design engineer and put our USSolar Institute laboratory tested pre engineered systems to work for you today.


Our products have been designed and certified to withstand the hurricane force winds, hot humidjamaica solar kits days and cool salty ocean breezes to work for your home or business on the grounds and test laboratories of The US Solar Institute and listed by the world leader in safety and product testing for over a century, our partner – Underwriters Laboratory (UL).


Since our clients come from remote islands and destinations they need a supplier who understands the challenges that come living and working in remote destinations like the Florida Keys, Caribbean and Latin American region.  Since we have been working and installing electrical systems in the Caribbean since 1998 we understand.  We sell Jamaica Solar Kits at our Kingston Jamaica warehouse on Marcus Garvey or shipped directly from our world headquarters in tropical Fort Lauderdale Florida. Our specialty is high wind zone solar energy applications.


We are proud of our mastery of the industry, and have used that knowledge to build the best possible systems, at an outstanding price. If you want a system that will hold up to the abuse of salt, hurricane winds, and the baking sun for decades to come, take a look at what we have to offer.


We know you’ll be happy with the results!